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Adding tags to email templates makes it easy to search and find the one you're looking for from your list. In Freshsales, you can add tags to sort and filter email templates. 

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How to add a tag to an email template?

Let’s consider an example. You are running an email campaign on leads that you met at a conference recently. You would like to create an email template for the same and add a tag to the email template for easy access. Here’s how you can add a tag:

  1. On your left pane, go to Conversations > Email Templates.
    Additionally, you can also access email templates by going to Profile Icon> Email Templates  

  1. - To add tags to a new template, click . This opens an overlay where you can create a new email template.
    - To add tags to an existing email template, click the icon associated with a template and click Edit. This opens an overlay where you can edit the existing template.
  2. On the overlay, add tags to the template by either searching for existing tags or by creating new tags. To create a new tag, fill the name of the tag in the search box and click “Add”.
    To remove an existing tag, click the icon associated with the tag.

  3. Click  to save the email template and its associated tags.
  4. Note: Only the tags created for email templates will show up here.

To view the tags associated with existing email templates,

  1. Go to Conversations > Email Templates.
  2. In the list of templates shown, you can see the first two tags associated with the template. To view more tags, hover over the template to view more tags that are linked with the template

How to filter email templates? 

Use filters to access relevant email templates from the dozens of templates present in the CRM. 

Freshsales enables you to use the following filters:

  1. Created by me: This filter brings up all templates created by the user.

  2. Created by others: This filter brings up all templates that are shared with the team by other users.

  3. Most Recent: This filter brings up all email templates used in the recent past. 

  4. All templates: This filter brings up all templates to which the user has access.  

  5. Tags: Users can filter templates using existing tags. 

For example, if you would like to access the email template that was created for prospecting conference leads, use the ‘conference’ tag created earlier to filter out the particular template.