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What are tags? 

Tags are unique identifiers that allow users to label records. This is to help simplify sorting and accessing of records. Users can create and access tags for any of their records— Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Deals.

How to create tags? 

Tags can be created in one of two ways:

On the list page:

1. Select the records to which you would like to add a tag. After selecting the records, click the button.

2. Add tags by either searching for existing tags or by creating your own tags. To create your own tag, simply fill the name of the tag in the field and click “Save”.

On the landing page:

1. On the landing page, click the tag icon. You can find it just beneath the name of the record. Clicking the icon opens a dropdown.  


2. Click the dropdown and search for existing tags. If there are no tags that suit your purpose, create a new tag by simply fill the name of the tag in the field and click “Add”.


3. After adding the relevant tags, click to save the tags to the record.

How to filter records based on tags?

To search for records associated with a particular tag, use filters to search for tags and find them using the keyword.

Where can I use tags?

Tags help users label and segregate records without having to create a separate field and adding dropdown values. This makes it easy for users to maintain and access records with greater efficiency.