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General Settings Learn to set up your freshsales account and get started by bringing your team onboard Email Get a good understanding of how email works on Freshsales and dive deep into email management Phone Get an idea of how built-in phone works- learn how to configure your phone and buy a phone number Deals Learn how deals work and setup multiple sales pipelines to suit your business Layout Customization Get an idea of how layout customization works on Freshsales Workflows Learn how to set up a workflow and automate repetitive tasks Sales Campaigns Automate your email marketing with Sales campaigns Web forms Convert website visitors into leads by integrating Web forms on your website

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Getting Started Set up your account, connect email, add users, define roles and scopes, configure territories and more Deals Create multiple sales pipelines, track and manage deals with tasks, appointments and more Admin Settings Customize layout, configure territories, lead score and workflows, manage users, create sales activities and more Phone Get access to a built-in phone, customize your phone number and assign numbers to your team Tasks & Appointments Create tasks, schedule appointments, take notes, and sync your Google Calendar to the CRM Data Migration Migrate from other CRMs and import leads, deals, contacts, and accounts through CSV files Integrations Integrate with business apps such as MailChimp, Quickbooks install libraries and set up web forms Reports Generate and schedule reports and use dashboards to view select reports Plans & Billing Explore features available across plans and manage your billing and payments

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