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Emails can be sent through Freshsales in the following ways - Individual emails, bulk emails, workflow automation emails and sales campaigns.

Individual emails are those emails used for person to person communication which generally deals with specific conversations and messages. Whereas, bulk emails, workflows and sales campaigns would include event marketing mails, schedulers, campaigns and mass communicative mails which usually have generic content.


Every account registered in Freshsales, be it for a free plan or a paid plan will have a certain limit for the emails sent out per day based on the number of users per account.

Each of these users may either be active or inactive users. Only the active users are permitted to use the email feature. 

Check What happens when you deactivate a user? to know more about active or inactive users.

Note: If you have connected to your custom email provider (like Gmail or Office 365), then you will be able to send upto 300 emails though your connected mailbox. Once you've exhausted this limit, it will automatically switch to Freshsales SMTP and continue sending through that. The limits in this article apply only when you are sending through Freshsales SMTP.

Daily email limits for Freshsales SMTP:


  Depends on No. of active users


“  =  [  ] * No. of active users  “


















WORKFLOWSTO LEAD[0][200][500][1000][2000]
TO OWNER[0][200][500][1000][2000]
SALES CAMPAIGNS[0][200][500][1000][2000]

For Trial Users
Bulk email
Workflows (to owner)
Workflows (to lead)
Sales campaigns
Individual emails
Daily limits for the entire account (irrespective of number of users)

How to calculate the email limit per day?

The outgoing email limit varies for each plan. For ex: Say, you have registered for the

estate plan, and the number of active users in your account are 10. The per day bulk email limit for your account would be 1000*10=10000. Similarly, refer the table above for the other plans.

How to cap the number of emails sent by users per day?

Admins can define email limits for users by creating a custom role and assigning respective users with the role. The limits mentioned above are default Email limits for the default roles. Admins can set custom email limits for the following 

  • Individual emails or the transactional emails sent out per day

  • Bulk emails sent per day

  • Sales Campaign emails sent by a user for the day 

Admin can also restrain the user from sending Emails from Freshsales by unchecking the checkbox under Email custom roles.



1. Each limit specified is on per day basis. Once this limit is exhausted for the day, log in the next day to send the pending emails.

2. 12 AM to 11.59 PM GMT is considered as one day.

3. The limit specified in the above table is for an entire account, i.e: Say for ex: Under the blossom plan, if the account has 20 active users, then the limit for the entire account for that day is 100*20= 2000 individual mails. A single user from that account can avail all 2000 mails or it can be split amongst the active users in that account.

4. For other queries, contact ‘ ‘.