On downgrade, you are bound to lose some plan specific features

Here is the detailed list of your plan based limitations,

On downgrade to:


                      - IP Whitelisting feature is not available.

                      - Your account won't have the option of a dedicated account admin.

                      - EU datacenter is not accessible.

On downgrade to:


- Bulk email limit is reduced to 500/day from 1000/per day.

- Lead score no more reflects the web and application activity updates.

- Behavior analytics: You can't

  a. Capture web leads through Freshsales for Web

  b. Track website visits

  c. Track in-app activities

- Your segment integration is disabled too

- Custom field limit is only 150 fields in total (Inclusive of all field types)

- Only your Admin default pipeline exists. All other pipelines are removed. To know more on what happens to the deals of these pipelines, click here.

- You can't use custom sales activites.

- Time-based workflow isn't available.

- Auto-profile enrichment is disabled.


In addition to all the above limitations,

- Bulk email limit is reduced to 250/day

- You can't customize your lead assignment rules

- You no more have the option of adding manual call logs

- Can't assign territories

- Can't access custom reports

- Custom field limit is only 100 fields in total (Inclusive of all field types)

- Renaming and reordering your custom fields is not possible.

- You can no more manage your deals using multiple pipelines.


In addition to the above-mentioned limitations (Garden & Blossom), you can't

- Send bulk emails anymore

- Add or share files

- View deals as a funnel view

- Access 'Recent Conversations' section anymore

- Manage emails in 'Team Inbox'

- Benefit from the 2-way email sync

- Integrate email via IMAP

- Manage emails through 'Awaiting Response' folder 

- Use email templates

- Track email clicks and opens

- Receive real-time email alerts


- Schedule emails

- Score your leads by their email activity

- Integrate with Google calendar

- You can't add any custom fields. Please upgrade to a paid plan to add custom fields.

- Reporting, even using the basic out of the box reports is not possible.

- Option to mask your calls is no more available.