Each custom field type has its own limits. The maximum number of custom fields that you can add per entity, depends on:

Note: All custom field limits are per entity i.e. In Blossom plan, you can add 100 custom fields in lead, 100 fields in contact, 100 fields in account and 100 fields in deal entity respectively.

1. Your current plan:

Based on your current plan, your overall limit (inclusive of all field types) varies. To know more on the plan-specific features, refer this

Maximum field limit: 

2. Field type:

There are different types of custom fields that can be added. Refer this article to know more on the various field types.

Each of these field types has different limits.

Prior to this revision in field limits, all plans allowed a maximum of 100 fields to be added.

Ex: Say, you are a blossom user. At present, you've added a total of 125 fields. Clearly, with reference to the new limits you've exceeded your current limit by 25 fields.
So, for all existing users who've exceeded the revised limit,
 "You can't add more fields"  


What happens to the extra fields on downgrade?

When you downgrade your plan, so does your maximum field limit. 

Say, for instance, you have downgraded from Garden to Blossom.

- As a Garden user, you could add up to 150 fields. 

- You have added 115 fields in total.

- Now that have opted for the Blossom plan, your limit is only 100. So, there are 15 extra fields.  

" The extra fields need to be deleted"

Please delete the extra fields before you downgrade.