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At times, you may find yourself typing the same email content over and over again to your leads and contacts. In Freshsales, you can save time by creating pre-formatted templates to send some of the most common emails. You can even share these templates with your team to help them send emails faster.  

To create email templates, 

  1. Login to Freshsales.
  2. Go to Conversations > Email Templates.
  3. The list of email templates in your account is shown here. Click the New template button.
  4. In the Add template overlay, enter a name for your template which your team can relate to in a flash. For example, if you’re creating a template to send emails to the newly signed up leads, the template’s name could be “Welcome Email” or “Thanks for signing up! 
  5. Enter the subject line of the email.
  6. Type your content in the email body. Use placeholders such as the customer’s First Name, Last Name, Email and Company Name to give a personalized touch to your emails. You can also add links and track the click-through rate using using email tracking.
  7. Click on the Add Attachment icon. You can either upload a new file or re-use an existing one under My Files
  8. Share this template with your team by selecting the checkbox. When you share the template, all the users in your Freshsales account can access it. You cannot custom share templates to individual users or territories.

Click Save once you're done. You can find the email templates under the 
Templates drop down in the compose window. You can start using these templates while sending emails to your leads and contacts.