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The SMS feature in Freshsales allows users to send SMS messages to their leads and contacts. If you are using the feature for the first time, learn to set it up by referring to this article.  
Users can send SMS messages in one of three ways.

Individual SMS messages to leads and contacts

Users can send an SMS to their leads and contacts from the landing page.


Bulk SMS messages

  1. Choose the set of Leads or Contacts and click the button.

  2. Use the SMS dialog box to compose an SMS. You can also use placeholders to personalize the messages.

    Once the Bulk SMS messages are sent, you will receive a success notification. You will also receive an email containing the Delivery report.

Automated SMS messages to records and their owners through workflows.

Users can now configure workflows to send SMS to Leads/Contacts and owners. This can be done by choosing for ‘Send SMS to owner’ or ‘Send SMS to Lead/Contact’ from the workflow actions dropdown. Users can also configure their SMS messages. For Accounts and Deals, users can opt to send SMS to contacts associated with the record.    

For example, if you would like to notify a deal owner and the related contacts of subscription renewal, you can opt to set up a workflow that sends SMS notification to both of them. Here’s how you can do the same

Scenario: Send SMS messages to deal owners and associated contacts 20 days before subscription expiry date.
Which Record type:  Deal

When do you want to execute the workflow:  Everyday

Perform actions on a record: Runs recurrently for the same record.  
Conditions: Renewal Date is in 20 days

Actions:    (i) Send SMS to owner
                  (ii) Send SMS to related contacts

When you click the Configure SMS button, you will be presented with a dialog box that allows you to create an SMS template with placeholders.


After configuring the SMS for both the Deal owners and the related contacts, click