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With Team Inbox, Freshsales enables users to set up and use a common inbox for sales or support queries. This is useful when companies have a generic email address like "" or "" 

This inbox can be accessed by all Freshsales users in your organization so they can respond to sales queries. Freshsales automatically creates leads from sales queries sent to this inbox associates the email to the lead. The email is also captured as a conversation under the lead.

To set up the Team Inbox,

1. Setup Auto-forwarding in your mailbox.

For example, if you are a Gmail user, you can choose to forward all of your new messages to another email address. Click here to know how to automatically forward Gmail messages to another account.

2. Go to Admin Settings > Email Settings

3. Add your sales email addresses to the Team Inbox.

4. Click  .  This triggers a verification link that will be sent to your account.

5. Click the link to complete verification.

The email will now be verified and carries asign besides it confirming the successful sync of the sales email address with the Team Inbox.