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The SMS feature in Freshsales allows users to send SMS messages to their leads, contacts, and record owners. To learn how to use the feature, refer to this article. Here’s how you can set up the feature. 

Note: Freshsales currently allows only sending an SMS. Inbound SMS cannot be received in Freshsales.

Minimum Time Required: ~4 min
uick Steps: Admin Settings > Apps > SMS Provider > Fill in Account SID and Auth token > Authenticate

Detailed Steps:

1. Click open Admin Settings and go to Apps .

2. On the apps page, scroll down to SMS and click on Configure. This opens the dedicated SMS integration page. 

3. Choose an SMS provider of your choice. In this case, we will opt for Twilio as the SMS service provider. Click on the Twilio icon. This opens the Twilio integration page.  

4.  Fill in the Account SID and Auth Token and click . This activates the feature.

Once the feature is activated, you will be presented with a success notification and will also be able to find the activated number under ‘Connected Providers’

Integrating ClickSend:

To integrate ClickSend, follow the procedure mentioned above. During authentication,
add your UserID and Auth token and click . After choosing a number for sending SMS, click . This activates the feature.

Now that you've set up the feature, explore the various ways of using it by referring to this article.