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Regular updates on how well your sales are growing and keeping track of your team’s activities is a good practice. A smart way of doing this is by periodically analyzing sales reports and comparing them with the previous ones.

With this feature, you can now schedule your reports to receive them periodically without having to remember and manually create the reports each time. Once you initiate the schedule, you will receive the reports through email based on the frequency you set.

To schedule a report, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Under Reports , open a report of your choice and click the Run reports dropdown.

2. Click Schedule. This opens the SCHEDULE REPORTS overlay.

3. Configure all the required conditions such as frequency of the report and the time of the day at which the report should be run, timezone, email, subject, and description.


Email, Subject and Description are mandatory fields.

5. Click Save to confirm the schedule.

Email is sent to the specified email address with the report attached as a PDF.

- You can know if a report is scheduled or not from the reports landing page and the reports list view with the 'Scheduled' tag.

- You can edit and delete the schedule as per your discretion.