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Set up a workflow to copy the value from a field in one module to another field in a different module. This helps users move values between fields at scale without manual effort.

You can set up a workflow to set the same user as the owner for contacts belonging to the same company, here’s how: 

  1. If you have a contact from a company(Example: Acme) assigned to a particular salesperson(Example: Sara), you can ensure that all new contacts from that company(Acme) that will be added in the future are assigned to the same salesperson(Sara). 

  2. select the Update contact option in the actions section and choose Sales owner.

  3. Set the update based on a Reference value and choose the record for reference from the options listed. 

  4. Enable the workflow and all future contacts added from Acme will be assigned to Sara.

Similarly, you can also achieve the following: 

  1. Set the deal owner the same as the account owner

When you add a new deal to an existing account, you can set up a workflow to assign all deals for that account to the same salesperson.

2. Set the contact address the same as the company address

When you add a contact, their address will be filled in automatically from the Account module.