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When it comes to setting up L/C/A/D fields on Freshsales, there are always instances when users may want to set up customized fields that are relevant only to the dropdown option that is chosen. This is known as Field Dependency and can help users set behavior of another field based on the option chosen.

How does it work?

Field Dependency is set between two fields – Controlling field and Dependent field.

  • Controlling Field: Controlling fields are those which control the available values in one or more corresponding dependent fields.

    Fields that can be controlling fields: Both Default and Custom fields of type -
    - Dropdown
    - Checkbox
    - Radio Button

  • Dependent Field: Dependent fields are those which display values based on the selected controlling field.

    Fields that can be dependent fields: Custom fields of any field type.

    Defaults fields will be available in next version of dependent fields. Coming out soon.

Based on the value selected in controlling field, dependent field can be made dynamic.

Note:  Both default and custom fields can be controlling fields. However, dependent fields can only be custom fields.

Let us assume that you chose the outcome of a deal between won or lost; choosing the option 'won' presents you with set of options that allows you to pick reasons for why the deal was successful.

Refer below to learn how this can be done:


QUICK STEPS: Admin Settings > CRM Customizations > L/C/A/D Fields > Field Dependency > Controlling fields > Dependent fields > Add Dependency > Save

TIME TAKEN: ~ 14 Min


  1. On your Freshsales application, head to the Admin settings button  and click the same.

  2. On the Admin settings page, scroll down to the CRM Customizations row and click on Deal Fields.

  3. On the Deal fields page, click “” to create a two custom fields, one with the title “Won/Loss” and the other with the title “Reasons”.


    • You can also create dependencies between existing fields. 

    • A controlling field can have multiple dependent fields. However, a dependent field can have only one controlling field.

    • If an account is downgraded, all the dependencies will be deactivated and user will not be able to access the dependency screen.

    • If the account is upgraded, the dependency will be listed in deactivated state


    These will be the Controlling fields.


    These will be the Dependent fields.

  4. Upon saving the custom fields, click the button. This opens a dedicated page. On this page, click the button.

  5. Clicking the Add dependency button opens a form titled “ADD NEW DEPENDENCY”. You can use this form to set dependencies between different fields.

    - Proceed by selecting a Controlling field. In this case, we’ve chosen “Won” and “Loss” as the controlling fields. 

    - Now select the respective Dependent fields for both the controlling fields.

    Selecting dependent fields for “Won”:


    Selecting dependent fields for “Lost”: 

  6. Hit Save to save your field dependency settings. Check your Deal fields in Admin settings to verify if your field dependency is active.

  7. You can also enable/ disable the dependencies by simply clicking on the toggle under the Field dependency page.


  • Users will have a limit of 10 field dependencies to create per entity 

  • User can create a maximum of 5 level of field dependencies


1. What happens when dependent field is marked as mandatory?

Situations may arise when one of the dependent fields of a controlling field may be a marked mandatory. In such a situation, only if the particular dependent field is chosen will the mandate be enforced. Other dependent fields will not be made mandatory.

2. What happens when an account is downgraded to blossom or sprout?

Whenever an account is downgraded to Blossom or Sprout, the field dependencies are automatically deactivated. However, the created dependencies will not be deleted and will be a part of the account. Once the user accounts are upgraded back to higher plans, the field dependencies will be reactivated.