With the bulk email feature, you can select multiple users through list views and send bulk emails that are personalized.
To send bulk emails,

  1. Go to the Leads/Contacts/Deals tab 
  2. Long press a record to bring up the bulk actions tray.

  3. Select the list of records by tapping the records individually. To select all records in the view, tap Select All.

  1. Tap the Emailicon. This opens the compose window
  2. Compose your email in the window by typing it out or by selecting a template by clicking the dropdown.

- Bulk emails cannot be saved as drafts. If the email compose window is closed without sending the email, the content will be lost.
- When a bulk email is being composed, only the count of selected recipients will be displayed in the ‘To’ field.

Additionally, you can also:

- Tap the ‘Track’ checkbox to enable email tracking
link conversations to leads and add an unsubscribe link.

- Add file attachments from your device

- Schedule emails to send them at the desired time.

  1. Click the send icon. This will send the email to all selected records.