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WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS, supports over 60 million websites and is used by several small businesses to set up their websites. If your business is powered by a website, then here’s how you can integrate web forms on your website.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Create a web form on Freshsales by following these steps. Upon creating the web form, copy the code snippet.
    A preview of Web forms:

  2. On your WordPress site, head to the button and click the same. This opens a sidebar that allows you to customize your WordPress site.

    Note: To embed Web forms snippet on WordPress, you require a Business Plan. Please ensure that your current WordPress plan is upgraded to the Business plan for you to embed Web forms on your site.

  3. On the sidebar, scroll down to the Personalize section and click on the button. This opens the Theme customizer.

  4. On the Theme customizer bar, scroll down to Widgets and click the same. This opens the Widget customizer bar.

Note: The default Sidebar is an entity inherent to this specific theme. The availability of customizable widget areas differs from theme to theme.

  1. Click on the Widget area that you wish to customize. This opens a bar that allows you to add a Widget of your choice.  

  2. Click on the dropdown and select the option.

  3. Paste the code snippet in the content section of the Widget and click on Done. This will run the code and web forms will be embedded on your WordPress website.

  4. Proceed to hit the  button on top of your WordPress page to save the changes. This is how your Web form will look like: