Capturing your website sign ups and getting in touch with them is now easy with web forms being available in Freshsales.

Web forms integrate with your website to capture leads or contacts without a single line of code. You can create or update lead or contact every single time the web form is submitted.

You can either use the forms that are already on your website using Smart forms or create new ones using Freshsales. 

Creating new web forms

Plan wise limits :



Admins and Account Admins have the access to manage web forms.

All you need to do is create the form and customize it to fetch details of the Lead or Contact that’ll help you better your sales process. You need not know HTML or be technically sound to create or set it up.

Some customization in terms of details(fields) that you want to capture, the aesthetics—color, font and other formatting nuances and finally if the visitor should be added as a Lead or a Contact is enough to get started.

Every time a web visitor submits a response, they are added as a Lead or Contact in Freshsales with the information that they filled in the form.

There are two major steps to successfully set it up and running:

  • Creating and customizing the form

  • Using the form on your website

How to create and customize a web form?

  1. Login as an Admin. 

  2. Go to Admin settings > Integrations > Web forms

  3. To create a new form, click the Create new web form button.

  4. The screen that comes up lists all the forms created till date by your team’s admins.

  5. You can edit one of the forms or create one from scratch. Click the Create web form button to get started.

  6. You can now customize the form—add fields, change colour, add a display message and a lot more.

  7. Customizing your web form:

Form fields
What they mean?

Form name
Start of with giving a relevant name to your form for your reference. This will not be visible on the form.
Ex: Sign up form, Request a demo or Submit your queries,etc.
Email address to notify when the form is submitted and record is created
You’ll receive notification emails for every response that’s submitted.
After form is submitted
After the form is submitted, you can either:
- display a success message
- direct them to another webpage
Based on your preference, add the exact message or the web page’s link here.
Form type
Choose if you want your web visitors to be added as Leads or Contacts. You can also choose to create a deal with the contact.
Update existing record overwriting values
When the form is submitted, look for existing record in Freshsales matched by email address. If already exists in Freshsales, update the record instead of creating a new one.
Enter what the heading of your form should read in this field. This will appear on the top of the form.
Choose a field to add to the formThis is to add new fields to the form.
  • Click on the search box, a drop down with a list of fields(default & custom) comes up. Search and add the fields on the form.

  • Customise how each question and field placeholder on your form should read too.

  • Required fields: 

Lead or Contact’s mandatory fields are added by default in the form and are marked as required.You can choose to mark any field as mandatory on the form by selecting the checkbox.
  • Hidden fields:

You can also add fields to the form, but make it invisible to website visitors. These fields are prefilled with  default value when new Leads or Contacts are created via the form submission. For ex: Maybe you want to indicate that this form is a part of a particular campaign. You can add a Campaign field to the form but mark it hidden to your prospect.
Header text
Enter a brief message that you want to convey to your web visitors before they fill the form.
Customize the look and feel your form

Once you’re done setting up your form, see how it might look to your website visitor. You can now make changes and refine your form to its best.
Now, to embed this form in your website, use the code snippet and add it to the body of your website’s HTML.
If you want to share it via emails and survey campaigns, use the URL instead.

8. Save the form.

Using the form in your website:

Once you create the form and save it, you’ll need to embed it on your website. For this, you need the code snippet of the form. 

  • Click the Link button that’s present next to Preview.

  • Copy the code snippet. Paste it in the body of your website’s source code.

  • From then on all your website visitors who fill in your form are automatically added as Leads or Contacts inside Freshsales.

What happens when the form gets submitted?

Every website visitor who submits a response is added as a new Lead or Contact inside Freshsales. If you have chosen to update the existing record, Freshsales will look for records with same email address and update the record, overwriting the existing value. 

With every submit, 

Source field of such Leads or Contacts are updated as Source: Web form.

      Web form name field will be filled with the respective name of the web form.

With this you can filter out Leads or Contacts created through by visiting your website. If you want to add more specific details like Campaign name, Industry type(if it’s a industry specific form), you can add them as hidden fields while creating the form.

Now you needn’t worry about missing out on opportunities and can target interested prospects to sell better. 

Can I delete my form?

Yes. You can use the delete icon to delete a form. The existing Leads from the form will still have the source and other fields with the values mapped from the form submission. But, no more new Leads or Contacts will be created from the submission.

Make sure to remove the code snippet from your website before you delete the form in Freshsales.

Can I share the form with my team?

All forms are visible to every Admin of an account. 

Can I clone or duplicate a form?

No. You can’t clone a form. You can edit an existing one or create one from scratch.