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Note: This article has been published to help users understand the in-product changes after GDPR rules take effect on 25th May, 2018. To know more about Freshsales’ GDPR compliance, refer to our dedicated GDPR page.

In compliance with GDPR, Freshsales incorporates an option where users can opt to export a record from their system. This allows them to download their data when they opt to move to a new CRM.


In this case, let us examine how to ‘export’ a lead:



QUICK STEPS: Leads section > Lead >  button > Export > Download from email   



  1. On your Freshsales application, head to the leads section. Find a lead that you wish to export and click the same.

  2. Find the button and click on it. You will be presented with a drop down menu that allows you to execute various actions on your lead.

  3. Click the Export button. This will initiate the process of creating a downloadable file that contains your lead information.

    This will be followed by a success message. You will now receive an email containing a zip file. The zip file contains your lead information.

  1. Download the zip file from your email and extract it to get your lead file.

    Note: To download the data, you will be requested to authenticate using Freshsales credentials.

Note: To bulk export a select set of leads, use reports and export a .CSV file comprising of contacts of your choice. To do the same, follow these instructions