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If you'd like to have select information on a specific set of records from your CRM, exporting reports is the solution for you. When you export a report, you can customize the results with appropriate filter criteria and also choose the columns you'd like to view in your exported CSV file. 

Here's how you do it,

  1. Login to Freshsales and click Reports.
  2. Choose the category of reports(Leads, Contacts, Accounts or Deals) you like to use. . A list of reports under that category is displayed.
  3. Click the report that you like to export.
  4.  If you want to export the data generated by the report right away, click Export as CSV.
  5. To customize the data in the report before you export it, click Edit Report.
    1. Under Filters & Grouping, alter the time period and the type of logic used (Quick or Advanced) by modifying the filter conditions included.
    2. To choose the columns you'd like to have in your exported CSV file, select Matrixas the table type. 
      1. Under Grouping fields, select the fields that you'd want as rows and select the fields that you'd want as columns.
      2. Click Preview Data when you're done.
      3. From the preview generated, click on any of the figures to view a drilled down view of the table.

      4. Click Add field and select the checkboxes you'd like to include as columns in your CSV. 
      5. Click Apply when you're done. Your drill down view would have the newly added columns in the table.
      6. Click Close to close the view.
  6. Click Save
  7. After you've saved the report, click Export as CSV.
  8. An email with a link to download the CSV file would be sent once the export is complete. Alternatively, you can click the download link from a flash notification that appears in your Freshsales account once the export is done. 

- When manually exporting reports, you can export a maximum of 25000 records.
- When a report is scheduled, it can export a maximum of only 10000 records