When using a CRM across multiple nations, language can be a major barrier especially if the admins and users are from two different non-english speaking nations. To avert this inconvenience, Freshsales allows users to choose a language of their choice irrespective of the language adopted by the admin.

For the same, you will have to understand that there are two types of language options on Freshsales:

  • Account Language: The language that is set by the administrator and is the default language on the application for users

  • User Language: The language that is for individual user profiles and will be applicable only for an individual user.

How is this helpful?
For example, let us assume that you work for an organisation that is headquartered in The UK while your vertical operates out of Italy. In this scenario, the Account admin who oversees the operations out of London may set the account language as English. However, as a user operating out of Italy and catering to Italian clients, you would want to use the CRM customized to your geography. For the same, you can opt for user language as Italian. 

In this case, since your user language is opted as Italian, all the features will be translated into Italian while it will remain as English for the Account Admin. However, if you have not changed the language, the default language will be the Admin language i.e, English.  

If you are looking to set an account language, follow these instructions. If you are looking to set up your user language preferences, here’s how you can carry out the same:


QUICK STEPS: Profile icon > Settings > Other Settings > Language



  1. On your Freshsales platform, head to the Quick actions bar and click on the profile  icon . This opens up the Profile settings section.

  1. Find the Settings option and click on the same.

  2. On the settings page, head to the Other settings tab and click on the same.

  3. Under Other settings, head to the language option and choose a language of your choice and hit on Save. This updated the Freshsales platform to a language of your choice.

    After the changes take effect, here’s how your platform will appear:

Will all fields get translated?

No, there are fields that will be excluded from the translation.  

List of areas that will get translated

List of areas that will not be translated

Account based i18n

User based i18n

Import successful email

New User added by the admin

imap invalid credentials email