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What are audit logs?

Audit logs are a chronological sequence of entries that capture configuration changes made in the Freshsales CRM by all users.

How to access audit logs? 

Audit logs is an Admin-specific feature. Hence, only Account Admins and Admins will have the scope to access the feature from within Freshsales.  

To access Audit logs, go to Admin Settings  ➞ General settings ➞ Audit logs .

What are the changes that audit logs track?

Audit Logs track any configuration changes that are made in the CRM. These include changes such as Plans and Billing, Account Settings and CRM Settings. The Audit logs track and maintain any change made in the previous 90 days. 

By accessing an audit log, here’s what you can learn:

  • Performed By: Displays the name of the Admin/User who made a change. It also carries information about the date and time at which the change was made and also fetches the IP address from which the change was made.

    Note: If the name section displays “System”, it refers to a change made by the Freshsales product.

  • Event: It displays the type of change that was made— Created, Updated, or Deleted.

  • What Changed: Displays the entity— Plans and Billing, Account settings, or CRM settings — on which the event was performed.

  • Details: Displays the change in value. Shows the previous value and the new value.

Can I filter Audit logs?

Yes, you may use filters to access a particular set of audit logs. To filter your Audit logs, click

This opens up a new dialog box where you can filter your audit logs on the basis of time period, change made by, and the module changed.