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Office 365 calendar can now be synced with Freshsales. You can get all your scheduled events from your Office 365 calendar as appointments inside Freshsales. No more shifting tabs betweens the two apps—Freshsales and Office 365

This being a 2-way sync, ensures that all your appointments from Freshsales are added as events to your Office 365 calendar too. 

Who can set this up?

All users(sales reps) of a given Freshsales account can enable this calendar sync. 

How to sync?

  1. Login to your Freshsales account.

  2. Click your profile picture > Sync your calendar.


  1. This takes you to the tab where you can choose to sync the calendar of your choice - Google or Office 365.

  2. Once you opt for Office 365, you are asked to login to your outlook account.

  3. Grant the required access permissions and you are all set to sync your calendar.

  4. After connecting your outlook email, you are directed back to Freshsales. 

  5. Select the calendar that you want to sync with from the calendar dropdown.

  6. Hit Save for the sync to begin.

    Right below the card that displays your connected email address, you have a calendar drop-down. Use this to switch between calendars. i.e, if you use more than one calendar to manage your business, this drop-down comes in handy.
    This option lists only those calendar accounts that have been synced at least once before with Freshsales.
    How do I switch to another account?

    Say, you’ve currently synced an Office 365 account.

    1. If you want to switch to a different Office 365 account, then just click the edit icon present in the strip that shows the email account that’s connected currently.

    2. If you want to switch to Google calendar, then you need to Remove the current account and then choose Google calendar from the screen.



How does this sync work?

        Once you hit the Save button, 

  1. From Office 365 to Freshsales:

    1. All Office 365 events scheduled for the next three months are added as appointments inside Freshsales. 

    2. The synced appointments are associated to the respective Leads or Contacts.

    3. A total of 1000 past events are fetched into Freshsales. These events will not include anything before the past 1 year.

    4. Incase, there are more than 1000 events in the past year, only the recent ones till the cap of 1000 are synced.

  2. From Freshsales to Office 365:
    1. All Freshsales appointments scheduled for the next three months are created as events in your Office 365 calendar.

    2. None of the past appointments are synced to Office 365.

    3. The Related to field values are not synced. Only attendees of the Freshsales appointments are captured in the events created in Office 365.

    4. All days appointments in Freshsales are created as all day events in Office 365.

  3. Emails sent to attendees: 

    All attendees are notified by an email reminder. A maximum of 10,000 reminder emails(1 for each attendee of an appointment) is the Microsoft limit for a given day. Once this limit is reached, no more appointments get added to the calendar. You can create these appointments the next day.

    How do I stop my calendar sync?

    You can either, 

  1. Remove: 

  • Permanently remove the calendar and the email account associated with it by clicking the Remove button.

  • If you want to sync to this account sometime later, you’ll have to login to your respective email all over again.

  1. Do not sync: 

  • Or you can just disconnect the calendar for now by choosing the Do not sync option from the calendar drop-down. 

  • You can connect your calendar to this account anytime later by using the Calendar drop-down.


Can I use different accounts for my calendar and email sync?

Yes. You can use a Gmail, Office 365, Zoho mail or any other email for email communication in Freshsales. This same account’s calendar need not necessarily be synced.

Your calendar can be of an entirely different email account or even a different email service.

For ex, the account you use for email conversations can be a Gmail account. But you can opt to sync your Office 365 calendar at the same time.

If you haven’t connected your email account to Freshsales, you can still sync only your calendar.