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When a sales team grows in size, it generally becomes difficult to keep track of and monitor their productivity. In order to help a sales manager manage their sales team better, Freshsales reports is updated with four categories of reports. These categories are important metrics to reason out the performance trend of any sales rep. They are:

  • Emails: Reports based on number of emails sent and responded to by each of your sales rep is generated in this category. These also give insights on how many of the mails were opened, clicked or replied to.

                       Reports 1.png

  • Phone calls: Create a report in this category based on the number of outgoing calls made by each sales rep.

                       Reports 4.png

  • Tasks: Reports on the number of tasks created, completed and those that are overdue are generated here.

                       Reports 3.png

  • Appointments: Reports to analyse a sales rep’s performance based on the number of appointments scheduled, is created here. 

                       Reports 2.png

  • Sales Activities: Reports to analyse a sales rep’s performance based on the number of custom sales activities logged, is created here. If you wish to create customized reports for Sales activities, follow these instructions.



To create reports based on any of the above categories, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to Reports and choose one of these categories (Emails, Phone calls, Tasks or Appointments).

  2. A custom report is already listed. Click the report and choose the Edit Report dropdown to edit this report if need be.

  3. Click Create Report option to create a report of your own.   

  4. Now choose the filter and grouping conditions of your choice. Also, select all the fields which needs to be present in your table.

Refer these steps to create a report.


  • For external use of this report, export it as a .CSV file.

  • Custom reports are default reports provided by Freshsales, which are editable too.