The best way to get your emails inside Freshsales would be to connect your mailbox (IMAP) under profile settings. But, if you’ve got an email address that receives a high volume of emails (Contact Us email address ) and want to bring these emails into Freshsales, you can simply auto forward them to your Freshsales email address. 

Every account in Freshsales is provided with a unique email address that goes like this The emails that are forwarded to this address, are matched with the email addresses of leads and contacts in the system. If a match is found, the email gets associated with the respective record. When matches aren’t found in the system, the email addresses automatically become new leads. 

To auto-forward emails,

  1. Login to Freshsales as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Email and Phone > Email Settings
  3. In the Your sales email field, provide the email address whose emails you’d like to auto-forward to Freshsales (like
  4. To complete your setup, choose the records you’d like to associate  the auto-forwarded emails with (if the sender exists in the system). 

    • Oldest records - The sender’s first record created in Freshsales 
    • The record with most activity - This works best when you have duplicates or if the sender is both a lead and a contact. If the sender is most active on only one of the records (record with a long list of activities under Recent Activities), that record is chosen and the emails fetched are attached to that record only.
    • All the records - This invariably attaches the emails received to  all the records that match with the sender’s email address

The auto-forwarded emails are found under the Recent Conversations of individual leads in their details page and also under Email in the Conversations tab 

Note: The auto-forwarded email gets associated with individual contacts only if the sender of the auto forwarded email exists as a contact in Freshsales.

You of course wouldn’t want to be featured as your reply-to address when the recipient receives a reply from you (via Freshsales). You can always give your preferred email address as your reply-to address. 

To avoid confusing your recipients, it is highly recommended that you provide the same email address that auto forwards emails to Freshsales as your reply-to address. For example, if this is the email address that you want to auto-forward emails from, make this email address as your reply-to address in Freshsales. 

Note: If you’ve connected your email client with Freshsales (Inbound Email Setup), that email address will be your default reply-to address. 

How can I get my emails inside Freshsales apart from auto-forwarding and IMAP?

Manually forward them to Freshsales by including the freshsales email address in the Bcc. 

Note: If the sender of a manually forwarded email is a user in Freshsales, the email thread is associated with the respective leads/contacts and if new leads are created, he becomes their owner.