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By configuring territory rules, all incoming leads are automatically assigned to the territories whose rules they satisfy. You can group leads under a territory if they are from the same country, if they belong to a specific industry or a particular stage.

When a lead is added in Freshsales, the lead’s data is run against the territory rule and if the data satisfies the conditions of the rule, the lead is assigned to the territory. Leads in a territory are auto assigned to users from that territory in a round robin fashion. 

To auto assign leads using territories, you’d need to

  1. Add a territory
  2. Add rules for the territory
  3. Assign users to a territory
  4. Set territory priorities

Adding a territory

You can add any number of territories, and assign users to those territories. 

  1. Login to your Freshsales portal as an administrator.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > General Settings > Territories.
  3. In the territories list view page, click the Add territory button.
  4. Enter a unique name for the territory. Say, if you are adding territories by geographic locations then the territory name could be ‘America’, ‘Middle East’, ‘Asia Pacific’ and so on.
  5. Next, enter a brief Description about the territory.

Adding territory rules

Territory rules are specific conditions that need to be satisfied for a lead to be assigned to a user in that territory. To add a rule,

  1. Click Add rule and select a field from the drop down. The fields listed are the basic and additional fields from the leads form.
  2. Select a condition for the rule from the drop down.
  3. Enter or select value(s) to satisfy the rule. Say, if you have selected the field ‘Lead stage’ and the condition ‘is in’, then the value can be ‘New’.
  4. You can add more than one value, and these values can be set to follow either an AND or an OR condition by switching the toggle
  5. When you enter the value, make sure it is the same as in the lead record for the rule to apply. For instance, if the country in the lead form is entered as ‘U.S’, enter the same value in the territory rule.
  6. You can remove a value by clicking the Remove icon to the left of the value selected.

Note: You can add any number of rules to a territory. The rules follow an AND/OR condition. A territory is assigned to a lead only when the territory rules are matched based on the condition chosen.

Territories with no rules

You can add territories without rules. 

  • When you don’t add rules to a territory, all the leads are automatically associated with that territory and are assigned to the users of that territory. 
  • If you have multiple territories, the leads are run against the rules of the other territories, and if they do not satisfy any of those territory rules, they by default get associated with the territory with no rules.

Assigning users to a territory

  1. Enter the user’s name in the List of users who have access field. It is a mandatory field. You can add any number of users and grant them access to a territory 
  2. However if you'd like users to become owners of leads (i.e. have leads assigned to them), you need to choose from the users who have access to the territory and then assign those users to a territory. You can add these users in the List of users to auto-assign leads in round robin field.
  3. Once you are done, click Save.

Prioritizing Territories

Territories are executed based on their priority. When a lead matches the criteria for two or more territories, the territory with the highest priority will be assigned.

You can reorder and re-prioritize by assigning them a PRIORITY number on the number associated with the territory and hitting ↵ Enter. Territory with ‘1’ is the highest in priority followed by the territories with priorities in sequence.

For example, consider there are three territories– US-East, Industry type, and Employee size– and you would want all your incoming leads to matched with the US-East territory before being reassigned elsewhere. In such a case, setting priority '1' for US-East would ensure that all leads entering Freshsales will first be matched with US-East before being matched with any other territory.