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Lead score is one of the best ways to segment out the most interested prospects. Once your admin configures the lead score rules and defines the lead quality tiers, all sales reps can use it to prioritize and filter leads.

For example, based on the lead quality(hot, warm or cold), you can easily filter the most sales ready(hot) leads from the rest(warm & cold) that need nurturing.


Custom views can be used to narrow your search results to yield specific leads. 

By default, Freshsales provides three views specific to lead quality—Hot, Warm and Cold leads. These views can be edited using a combination of multiple filters. Now finding the leads who need your attention the most becomes easy.


How can you interpret the Lead score?

You can get to know the factors that have contributed to your current lead score from the Lead score card. 

The lead score card helps you know what the difference between two leads with same score is and also understand how interested they are in using your product.


This card mentions the nature of lead score– hot, warm, or cold– and lists the top scoring factors that contributed to the current score. It gives you an up-to-date glimpse of what your lead’s been up to. 


Where can I see this Lead score card?

  1. Lead list view page:


Lead score for every lead: 

The leads who’ve engaged with your product most recently, are the ones most interested in your product. Useful details like these can be inferred from the direction and colour of the arrows next to lead score. 

- Green up arrows indicate an increase in the lead score over the past week.
- Red down arrows indicate decrease in the score over the past week, for ex, if they have unsubscribed from your emails.

- Grey up arrow indicates inactivity for the past week.

To get to the granular details of what has actually contributed to the score, hover over the arrow mark.

On hover, the Lead score card gets displayed. 

Also, you can filter Leads based on their quality by using the default views(hot, warm and cold lead) that we provide or create your own custom views.

To refine it better, you can sort leads in the increasing or decreasing order of their lead scores by clicking the Lead score sort option from the Leads list view page.

  1. Lead details page:

Clicking on one of the Leads will take you to the lead details page. Here you can find lead details—lead score and lead quality––near the lead’s profile photo. Additionally, you can also get details about the lead score, potential connections, and duplicates on the Freddy insights section.

Lead score: 

The recent lead score is available over the lead’s profile photo.

Lead quality:

The lead’s quality—hot cold or warm can be seen right below the lead’s profile photo helping you instantly know how sales ready the lead is.


You can also hover over the lead quality to see the Lead score card—how much the score has changed since last week, what’s the current quality of the lead and what are the factors contributing to the current score.