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Apart from the fields provided by Freshsales, you can create fields to capture any additional information about your leads, contacts, accounts and deals. 

This short video walks you through how to create a custom field in Freshsales.

Before you begin, determine the type of field you want to create. The type of custom fields you create depends on the kind of business data you want to store. Below is a description of each custom field type.

Type of field


Text field

Used for single-line text.

For ex: Lead’s middle name

Text area

Used for multi-line text.

For ex: LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter bio


Used for numeric value.

For ex: Alternate contact number

Checkbox (stand-alone)

Used for enabling or disabling a single option.

For ex: If you want any field to be required or not

Radio button

Allows users to choose an option from a set of options. 

For ex: The subscription plan that you opt for


Allows users to choose an option from a set of options. 

For ex: Years of experience

Date picker

Allows user to enter dates in the format dd/mm/yyyy & of the user’s time zone.

Foe ex: the sign-up date of a lead


Allows user to enable more than one option. 

For ex: When you have more than one competitor for the product you are selling

Formula fieldAuto-calculated fields that derive their value from an expression assigned by the admin.
For ex: create a field that determines sales commissions based on deal value
LookupAllows users to create relationships between different modules and enable users to display related lists of a record
For ex: created a contact field lookup ‘Primary Decision Maker’ on a Deal so that relevant contacts can be found on the Deal landing page

To create custom fields, 

  1. Admin Settings> CRM CUSTOMIZATION > Lead/ Contact/ Account/ Deal modules. 

  2. Click . This brings up an Add field overlay where you can create new fields.

  3. In the Add field overlay, choose the type of field that you wish to create and click . This brings up the overlay where you can customize your field.  

  4. Enter a Label for the field and Group the custom field under a group of your choice.
    1. Additional Information: Add fields that manually collects data such as number of times a lead was contacted, reseller’s name and so on.

    2. Application Data: Add fields that automatically capture data such as number of logins, updating the payment information and so on.

  5. Map the field to other modules.

  6. Click.

The newly created custom fields are found in the respective add forms and in the edit overlay of the respective records. You can reorder custom fields in the way you want them to appear in the add form. The first 6 custom fields appear in the card view of the details page.  

You can populate these custom fields while adding records in Freshsales, during import and also through our Freshsales library. 




Advanced CRM customization includes the following:

  • Create, rearrange, delete groups/sub-groups
  • Renaming default fields
  • Mark fields as read-only
  • Mark fields as unique
  • Hide or re-order fields. 

This is available only for Estate and Forest plans

Field TypeMaximum Character Limit
Text fieldAllows a maximum of 256 characters
Number fieldAllows up to 11 digits before the decimal mark and 4 digits after.
Text area fieldNo limit
Dropdown300 choices
Multi-select300 choices


  1. You can create custom fields from our Freshsales Library.
  2. The custom field limit applies for individual module (leads, contacts, accounts and deals).
  3. You can reorder custom fields in the way you want them to appear in the add form.
  4. You can also sort and filter records using custom fields. 
  5. You can create lead score rules using custom fields. 
  6. While converting leads, make sure you map the lead custom fields to the custom fields of contacts, accounts and deals. Otherwise the data in those custom fields are lost during conversion. 
  7. Advanced CRM customization which includes