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Freshsales allows users to associate a lead or contact with multiple email addresses. All emails from these multiple email addresses will be maintained under a single lead and can be accessed from recent conversations. 

Let us consider an example.
Your lead, a sales manager, is evaluating your product for her startup. She has been trialing your product using her workplace email address ( and is now looking to make a purchase. As the head of the sales team, she also handles the company’s central billing email address ( and wants you to send the invoice and billing details to this email address.
In such a scenario, maintaining two conversations with the same person should not involve creating two separate leads. This is where adding a multiple email address helps.
How to add multiple email addresses to a lead/contact?

  • On the Create Lead form, click icon:

  • Select the radio button  to mark the email address as primary. 

  • To remove an email, click the button associated with the email. 


  • Marking an email primary makes it the default email for features such as bulk emails, sales campaign, workflows, etc.

  • Email addresses other than the primary email will not be used for these features to prevent multiple emails to the same Lead or Contact. 

Here’s how the conversation with a lead appears: