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Sprout Blossom Garden Estate Forest

You can make a custom field mandatory while creating or editing a field under Admin Setting. Making a field mandatory requires the user to enter a value while saving a record. This feature is available for Lead, Contact, Account and Deal custom fields.


Making a field mandatory affects your data imports, mobile app, integration and lead conversion process. The implications are listed below. So while making a field mandatory, make sure the above areas are considered.

Before you make a custom field mandatory, ensure you have handled the below areas:

  1. Record Save - If you make a field mandatory, users cannot save record when the value in the field is not provided. Make sure you make only those fields mandatory for which users should have a value to input. Otherwise, your sales process would be hindered, or users would input junk values to save the record. For existing records, make sure you do a bulk update or import update on the required field for the application to run properly.

  2. Data Import - It is mandatory to map required fields on data imports. You cannot proceed with the import if your .CSV does not have a mapping for the required field. Records which do not have value in mandatory fields would fail and be reported in error log report sent via email.

  3. Mobile App - Apps with iOS version 1.2 (and above) and Android version 1.1.2 (and above) are compatible with this feature. Make sure your team upgrades to this version.

  4. Integrations - Mandatory field validations are triggered for integrations as well. Make sure you have handled these fields in all your integrations. Any integration which creates or updates a record (lead/contact/deal/account) should include mandatory fields.

  5. SDK - Mandatory field validations are bypassed in SDK used.

  6. Lead Conversion -  If any field for contact, account, and deal are mandatory, make sure those fields are mapped under lead mapping. If these fields are not mapped, the lead conversion won’t occur.

  7. Auto-forwarding - Lead creation on email auto-forwarding is not affected if there are required fields on Lead. However, when the user tries to edit the record, Freshsales mandates a value in required fields on save of record.

To make a custom field mandatory,

  1. Login to your Freshsales portal as an administrator.

  2. Go to Admin settings > Custom Fields. Select the category of custom fields (leads/contacts/accounts/deals).

  3. To add a new custom field, drag and drop custom fields from the list of fields available on your right. To edit a custom field, click the Edit icon of the custom field from the custom field list.

  4. In the Add Field/ Edit Field overlay, you can check the Required checkbox to make a field mandatory. A pop up appears to confirm if you want to make the field mandatory.

  5. Click Save.


This feature is available for all field types. For checkbox, if a field is made mandatory, then it is mandated a checked value.

If you downgrade the plan to Blossom or Sprout, all mandatory fields lose the required property and would become optional. If you upgrade the plan to Garden/Estate, you have to re-configure the required fields.