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A contact’s information is saved in three groups: 

Basic Information

This includes all the default contact fields provided by Freshsales that can be filled in manually through contact forms, during import and lead conversion, or automatically using our Freshsales for web library.

Here’s the list of default fields. 

Field Name
First name Contact's first name
Eg: James

Last name Contact's last name
Eg: Sampleton
Owner The user who created the Contact
Account name
The company that the lead works at
Eg: Widgetz
Job title Designation
Department Contact's department at work
Eg: Sales
Email Contact's email address
Telephone numbers (Work & Mobile) Respective phone numbers
Status Type of Contact
Eg: Qualified Lead, Reseller, etc
Has authority If the Contact has the authority to take transactional/monetary decisions.
Do not disturb Contacts who've opted out of promotional or any other bulk email campaigns.
Timezone of the Contact
Eg: Pacific Time - US & Canada
Address Door no, Street name
Eg: 32, Baker Street
City Eg: Brisbane
State Eg: California
Zipcode Eg: 4030
Country Eg: USA
Facebook Facebook account URL (auto enriched)
Twitter Twitter account URL (auto enriched)
LinkedIn LinkedIn account URL (auto enriched)
Source Source of the Contact- where it came from
Eg: Organic search or the web, etc
Campaign The campaign that directed your Contact to your website or app
Medium The medium(channel) that led your Contact to your website or app
Keyword The search keywords that your Contact used

Additional Information

This includes custom fields that capture additional information about the contact such as Date of birth, Alternate address, Years of work experience etc. The custom fields can be filled in manually through the lead forms or during import. 

To customize contact fields,

  1. Login to your Freshsales account as an administrator.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Custom fields > Contact fields.
  3. Click the Edit icon beside a field under Basic Information, Additional Information or Application data. 
  4. In the Edit Field Type overlay, 
    1. The Field name and Field type are non-editable fields.
    2. You may change the Group or Sub-group under which a field is listed, mark it required, make it read-only or add it to the quick add view.
    3. You may edit and delete the existing choices, or add new ones by clicking the Add choice button. 
    4. When you delete the existing choices, the value for those records would become blank.

         5. Once you are done, click Save.

Learn more about creating custom fields for contacts.