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As a business evolves, so does its sales process, workflow and implementation of certain ideas too. 

This is why the type of customer information that’s relevant to your business model keeps changing with the evolution. 

When your fields become irrelevant, you can make changes to them in Freshsales.


Modifying a custom field:

  1. Editing field properties: 

  • Renaming

           [Default fields: Applicable only to Estate users

           Custom fields: Applicable to Garden & Estate users]

  • Reordering

           [Default fields: Applicable only to Estate users 

           Custom fields: Applicable to Garden & Estate users]

  • Field mapping

           [Default fields:Mapping is fixed. Default mapping can’t be changed by any user ]

  • Properties: Making the field required, read-only or list it in the quick add form

           [Required: Applicable to Garden and Estate users

           Read-only: Applicable only to Estate users

           Quick add: Applicable to all users]

  • Changing the group/sub-group to which it belongs 

           [Applicable only to Estate users]

  1. Or even completely deleting a custom field.

           [Applicable to all users]

Cf_error msg.png


  • All default and custom fields can be renamed, reordered and edited by all Estate users.

  • Default fields can’t be deleted by anyone.

Let’s see how to modify a field. You need to,

     1. Go to Admin Settings > Lead fields and select the category of custom fields 

     you want to modify (Lead fields / Contact fields / Account fields / Deal fields).

CF_Edit field.png

      a. Edit field

             1. Click the edit icon. The edit field overlay appears.
2. To rename, change the field label. Even the default fields can be renamed if
you are an Estate user.
3. Change the other field details if needed.
4. If the field type is a dropdown, you can change the choices too. To add more
choices, click the Add choice button.
5. If you delete a choice and if that choice is an existing value in a record, then
the field is left blank. You could update the field by individually populating the
value for each record post deletion.
6. Hit Save.
7. Be it a default or custom field, you can’t change it’s field type or field
name(internal DB name) in the edit overlay.
8. Reorder: You organise the fields better by reordering them. This way you can
surface all the important fields to the top of your group for quick and easy
9. Field properties:
                 You can make your field required, read-only or choose to list it in the quick add
10. Field Mapping: Mapping of default fields can’t be changed. To know more on
                 mapping custom fields, click here.


      b.  Delete field: If a field is not useful anymore for your business, you can delete it 

           and rely on more relevant information. To delete a field,

              1. Click the Delete button. You cannot delete the default fields under Basic 


              2. Upon your confirmation, the custom field is deleted permanently from