Sales sequence templates are pre-configured sequences that can help you automate the most common sequences without setting up a sales sequence from scratch. These multi-step templates allow you to set up extensive sequences for common prospecting, nurturing, and upsell scenarios. 

What are the available templates?

The sequences are configured with multiple steps, optimised across days. The following templates are available:

  1. Reach out to new leads (Low touch)

  2. Reach out to new leads (High touch)

  3. Connect with C-level/C-suite execs

  4. Nurture inbound leads (Low touch)

  5. Nurture inbound leads (High touch)

  6. Follow up after event

  7. Re-engage with cold leads

  8. Lead didn't answer call

  9. Lead didn't turn up for meeting

  10. Upsell / Cross-sell

  11. Social selling via LinkedIn

How to get started with sales sequence templates?

1. Head over to the sales sequences page and click on .

2. This opens up the overlay to explore the available templates. 

3. Proceed to the sequence page after clicking “Use this template”

4. On the sequence page, you can set the audience for the sequence and edit the steps as required. 

 5. For outbound emails, you can choose from existing templates or set  up the email content from the same page. The overlay opens into the template page where you can create the email from scratch or input a prompt that Freddy can work on to generate the email.