Starting 12th April, 2021, the Appointments feature on Freshsales is being renamed to Meetings, and Calendar Settings is being renamed to Calendars and Conferencing. This is to enable users to now integrate video conferencing tools like Zoom with the CRM.

This change will be visible in the following places

  • Profile Settings dropdown
    Here, Sync Calendar will be renamed to Calendars and Conferencing


  • Personal Settings page
    Here, the term Calendar will be replaced with Meetings and you’ll also be able to access Conferencing options on this page. 

  • Activities Dashboard

Here, the Add Appointment button will now be renamed Add Meeting.

  • Lead Details page
    Appointments will be renamed to Meetings and you can also find an Add Meeting button at the top of the page

  • Sales Activities Admin Settings

Here, the term Appointment has now been changed to Meeting.