As an admin you may need to customize the information on the deal card based on your organizations’ sales requirements. Freshsales allows the customization of a deal card based on an organization’s sales pipeline requirements. 

Deal card customization

Users who have access to administrator settings (account administrator/ administrator) can set up this customization. Admin users can choose to display specific information over the default information on the deal card eg: display the number of units of the product/ service instead of the default total deal revenue, display the product/ service name etc. 

This feature ensures that the users access the right deal information and improve their productivity.

Note: Deal card customization is a pipeline level setting

At present, default fields in the deal card are ‘deal value’, ‘account name’, and ‘expected close date’.

A deal card can be customized either via Admin Settings > Pipelines OR Deals Module > Page Settings. 

To customize Deal card via Admin Settings > Pipelines

1. Go to Admin Settings > Pipelines. This opens the Pipeline settings page

2. The ‘Customize deal card’ setting is listed under ‘Make as default pipeline’. This option will be available in every Pipeline

Note:'Customize deal card option is only available on accounts that are subscribed to the applicable plan. Refer to applicable plans section for more details.

3. Click on ‘Customize deal card’ 

4. This opens up the Customize Deal Card slider 

5. A list of deal fields is displayed with the header ‘Selected fields’. Uncheck a deal field from this list to delist it 

6.  All other deal fields are listed below, under their respective group headers eg: Basic Information, Hidden fields,  any other user-created groups. Checking the box on a field from this list automatically moves it to the ‘Selected  fields’ list 

1. The'Selected fields' list displays the fields that will appear on the deal card
2. Changes can be made by selecting/ deselecting the fields, bold/ unbold the field font and changing the order of the fields
3. Order of the fields in the selected list can be changed via drag and drop option

7. To highlight a field in bold font on the deal card, select the field from those listed in the ‘Selected fields’. Only one field can be made bold at any given time. It is not mandatory to make a field bold 

  1.  To make a field appear in bold font, click on ‘Make this field’s value bold’
  2.  To unbold a field, hover on that field and click ‘Unbold

8. It is mandatory to select a minimum of 1 field up to a maximum of 4 fields of any type to be displayed in the card. 

To customize Deal Card via Deals Module > Page Settings

1.  Open Deals Module > Page Settings. Click on ‘Customize deal card’ option

NOTE: For this option to be listed the account needs to be subscribed to the applicable plan. Refer to the Applicable Plans section for details 

2. This opens the ‘Customize deal card’ slider

3. Refer to point 4 of the previous section ‘To customize Deal card via Admin Settings > Pipelines’ and follow the step by step instructions for modifying the deal card.

After customization the Deal Card is displayed as follows:

Note: Once the deal card is customized, order of the fields displayed on the deal card is maintained in the deal slider view

Setting up Stagewise Summary Value

As an admin when you customize the Deal Card, you may also want to Set up the stagewise summary value for a deal stage based on a numeric value selected on the deal card. eg: If the number of products is displayed on the deal card, you also want to display the aggregate of products for each deal stage.

Freshsales allows users to ‘Setup stagewise summary value’ based on an organization’s sales requirements. Users who have access to administrator settings (account administrator/ administrator) can set up this customization. Admin users can choose to display the aggregate number of a numeric deal field on each deal stage over the default information. This feature ensures that the users access the right deal information to improve their productivity.

Note: Setting up Stage-wise summary value is a Pipeline level setting

At present, stage-wise summary value is displayed on hover on each deal stage. The default values currently are 'Forecasted revenue', 'Total revenue', and 'Number of deals' for each stage.

To change the stagewise summary value to a field of choice
1. Open Deals module > Page settings, select ‘Set stage-wise summary value’ from the drop-down menu

2. This opens the pipeline admin settings page with ‘Edit Pipeline’ slider open. In ‘Summarize stage by’ select a field from the drop-down list of deal fields. Make sure to select a deal field of numeric type. Click Save.

3. The cumulative value of the selected field is displayed under the name of each deal stage in the deal funnel view.

4. For every deal stage, clicking on ‘View details’ displays a list of all values such as the aggregate value of the selected field, Forecasted revenue, Total revenue and Number of deals in that deal stage.

1.'Stage-wise Summary Value' is a numeric value and hence the selected field should be of the numeric type
2.'Customize Deal Card' and 'Set Stagewise Summary Value' are two seperate settings. Admin users may choose to customize only the Deal Card without setting up the Stagewise summary value and vice-versa.

Roles and Permissions

When the admin changes the field level access for a role, via deal permissions, the user/s that belong to the role will lose access to those field/s. As a result, the user/s will lose access to those fields on the deal card as well. These fields will not be visible on the deal card.

Downgrade Information

In case of plan downgrades, access to these features will be lost and default fields will be restored.