If you have multiple accounts scattered across different Organizations within the Freshworks suite of products, you may find it challenging to manage them efficiently. 

By consolidating your accounts, you can simplify your account management, centralize control, and enhance productivity.

Follow these quick steps to consolidate your accounts under a single unified organization within the Freshworks suite of products:

  1. Navigate to the profile icon on the top right corner and click the pencil icon.
  2. Click on Neo Admin Center. Enter the existing account URL in the right pane and click Move Account.
  3. Enter the code from the prompt as a screen security check and click Yes, Confirm Request.
  4. An email confirmation will be sent to the Org Admin, who can authorize the move.


Note: If the product is based on a different org, only the Org admin can perform the move.  Only standalone products can be moved. Bundled products such as Omni-Channel, FreshSales Suite etc, cant be moved to a different org. While moving the product, the Org admin will receive a confirmation email, to approve the changes.