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Custom module records support bulk actions such as Assign, Update, and Delete. You can select a set of records and execute bulk actions on the records.

To perform bulk actions, 

  1. Go to the custom modules page and select the records by clicking the checkbox beside them.
  2. Choose any one of the following bulk actions:
    1. Bulk Assign:

      1. Assign the selected records to a new owner by clicking the Assign to button.
      2. Select the owner from the dropdown and click.
    2. Field update:

      1. Click the button. This brings up a overlay where you can choose the field that you wish to update. 
      2. Select the field you wish to update from the dropdown and update the field value. 
      3. Click. This updates the field on all the selected records.

    3. Bulk Delete:
      1. Click the  button. This brings up a dialog box that requests you to confirm deletion of the feature.
      2. Type DELETE to provide confirmation and click.