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Freshsales mobile app features a home screen that helps you access critical information as soon as you open the app. It displays notification cards, your weekly calendar with tasks and appointments, a list of overdue tasks, and several key metrics that help you stay on top of your sales performance. 

What can I do on the mobile home screen?
The mobile app’s home screen enables you to do the following:

Act on notifications

  • Your Freshsales mobile app displays notification cards on upcoming tasks and appointments. 

  • Each of these cards contains specific options that allow you to take action on the notification without having to navigate to a separate section.
    For example, an appointment reminder will carry with it an option to check-in and a button that allows you to get directions to the location.

  • To dismiss/remove a notification card, press x on top of each card.

  • To configure your mobile app to display notification cards, go to Settings Notifications on home screen. Switch the toggle for the events for which you wish to see the notification cards. 

Create a record

  1. Press the + icon on the header of the screen. This brings up a CREATE RECORD slider. 

  2. Choose the record that you wish to create. This can be either a Lead, Contact, Account, and Deal or a sales activity– Task, Appointment, Call log, or any other custom sales activity. This brings up a dedicated form where you can create the record.

  3. Add details and press the Check mark.

Check your weekly calendar and carry out actions

  • The home screen displays a scrollable calendar that allows you to scroll one week at a time and check for tasks and appointments scheduled for the week.

  • The days that contain a scheduled activity are marked with a tiny dot beneath the date. Click on the date to bring up activities scheduled for the specific day. 

  • To get the full calendar, click on Expand my calendar. This opens a dedicated calendar page where you can get a list of all tasks and appointments assigned to you.

Act on assigned tasks

  • The overdue tasks section shows the number of tasks that are overdue and brings up the 3 latest tasks that need to be completed. 

  • To view all the tasks that are assigned to you, click on All tasks. This brings up a page that contains a list of all tasks–overdue, upcoming, and completed– assigned to you. 

  • You can filter the tasks based on their type by clicking the icon at the top of the screen. This brings up the types of tasks with which you can filter the tasks.  

  • To mark a task complete, press the checkbox. Add an outcome before closing the task.    

Stay informed about key metrics

The mobile app provides you a set of key metrics that help you get a bird’s eye view of your records. The following metrics are displayed:

  • Deals closing this week

  • Open deals

  • New leads

  • Recent leads

  • New contacts

  • Recent contacts

To show/hide any of these metrics, press theicon.  To show a metric, press the checkbox. 

Press the metric to open the respective record list views with the filters applied. For example, if you click the number associated with 'Open deals', you will be taken to the list view with all the open deals.