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This feature is powered by Freddy, Freshworks’ AI-powered sales assistant. Freddy uses ML algorithms to continually learn from data stored in Freshsales and builds understanding to report duplicate records and deliver deal insights.

Freshsales detects duplicate leads and contacts in your account to help you maintain clear and accurate data. The deduplication functionality, which is powered by Freddy, proactively looks for, detects, and displays duplicate records using a smart match algorithm.

How does Freddy detect duplicate  records?

Freddy searches your lead and contact records and looks for matches between records by analyzing the following fields of each record:

  • Last Name

  • Name

  • Company Name

  • Email

  • Work Number

  • Mobile Number

Duplicates are detected by analyzing multiple fields and identifying relevant matches between fields. Results are ranked in descending order of relevance or accuracy with the topmost record being the most likely duplicate.
For example, in the following screenshot, notice that records that have matching email addresses, different versions of the same phone number, and possible nicknames are all detected as duplicates for one record.
In practice, Freddy AI detects duplicates in the following scenarios:


An example

Likely duplicates that will be detected

Shortened Names & Use of nicknames

Robert Andrews

Bob Andrews; Rob Andrews

Katherine Johnson

Cathy Johnson; Kathy Johnson

Short forms, punctuation, abbreviations


Freshdesk Inc, Freshdesk Corp.

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Change in the sequence of words

University of Manchester

Manchester University 

Phonetic matches and verb forms

Ritchie Rich

Rishi Rich

Multiple email addresses from the same person

Typos: Misplaced letters



Typos: Spaces within a word


Fresh works; Freshwork s 

Typos: QWERTY keys



Typos: Missing Letter



Phone numbers with and without codes



Once a set of duplicates is detected, users can execute one of the following actions:

  • Merge: Merge allows users to move the values of a duplicate lead or contact under the primary record and remove the duplicate. Merging the two records will bring all data such as email addresses and recent conversations into the primary record.
    Here’s how this works:
    Consider an example where there are multiple leads that bear the name Robert Andrews, Bob Andrews, Rob andrews. When you open one of these leads, say Robert Andrews, Freshsales detects and displays matching records as duplicates. When you merge, a duplicate record is merged with ‘Robert Andrews’ as the primary record.
  • Quick Merge:  Quick Merge merges all detected duplicates into the primary record.

    Note: Duplicate contacts cannot be reverted into leads in Freshsales

  • View & Edit fields: You can view the fields of the duplicates from the primary record  to gather more context.
  • Assign to: There are instances when two or more records may have been created for the same lead. In such a scenario, you can reassign those duplicate leads to a single owner.
  • Send email: If a duplicate has an email associated with it, you can send an email.
  • Delete: The delete function deletes the duplicate record from your Freshsales account.
  • Remove from Duplicate: If a record is not a duplicate, you can remove the duplicate record so   that the record does not appear in duplicate results.

Note: Freddy is enabled by default on your Freshsales account. If you want  to disable Freddy from detecting smart matches, go to Admin Settings > CRM Settings and uncheck the option ‘Check for duplicates through smart matches’. This will restore your settings to the former deduplication feature.

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