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In Freshsales, users can share their Sales sequences with internal teams or select users by simply using the share option. When a sequence is shared with users, they will be able to view it under their sales sequence module with the tag shared.

Note: Users with whom a sequence is shared will not be able to modify the sequence or edit their steps. They will only be able to view the Sales sequence and its performance metrics.

Quick steps:
> > Visible to > Save

Here’s how:
1. Click the  button associated with your Sales sequence.

2. Click the Share icon. This brings up the SHARE SEQUENCE overlay where you can configure the access to your Sales sequences.

3. Configure visibility of your sequence by choosing from one of the three options.

  • Just Me: This makes the sequence private and will ensure that the sequence can be accessed only by you.

  • Everyone: This makes the sequence visible to all users in the Freshsales account. However, users can only view the sales sequence. They will not have the ability to edit sequences.

  • Selected Users/Territories/Teams: Selecting this option will allow you to share your sequence with specific Users/Territories/Teams.

4. Clickto update your preferences.

When sharing sequences, what are the privileges that are shared alongside? 

The permission to edit a sequence is not transferable and stays with the owner. If a sequence is shared with new users, the users will only be able to view the Sales sequence and its performance metrics. They will not be able to make any changes to the sequence, or its steps.
Similarly, the email templates in a shared sequence cannot be accessed by shared users.

Note: Private email templates used by the owner in a sequence step will not be visible to shared users.