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How to add multiple email addresses to a lead/contact?

- How to import multiple email addresses for each record through .CSV files?

Freshsales allows users to associate a lead or contact with multiple email addresses. All emails from these multiple email addresses will be maintained under a single lead and can be accessed from recent conversations. 

Let us consider an example.
Your lead, a sales manager, is evaluating your product for her startup. She has been trialing your product using her workplace email address ( and is now looking to make a purchase. As the head of the sales team, she also handles the company’s central billing email address ( and wants you to send the invoice and billing details to this email address.
In such a scenario, maintaining two conversations with the same person should not involve creating two separate leads. This is where adding a multiple email address helps.

How to add multiple email addresses to a lead/contact?

  • On the Create Lead form, click icon:

  • Select the radio button  to mark the email address as primary.

  • To remove an email, click the button associated with the email.


  • Marking an email primary makes it the default email for features such as bulk emails, sales sequence, workflows, etc.

  • Email addresses other than the primary email will not be used for these features to prevent multiple emails to the same Lead or Contact. 

Here’s how the conversation with a lead appears:

How to import multiple email addresses for each record through .CSV files?

There are four important things that you'd need to know about when you import multiple email IDs from a .CSV file, described in detail below:

  1. Preparing your CSV file

  • You should have a separate column for all the email addresses that you would like to upload

  • A total of 10 emails for each lead or contact is supported in Freshsales

  1. Importing the file

Drag and drop or upload the .CSV file to start importing your leads/contacts

  1. Mapping fields

  • The Map Columns To Freshsales Fields overlay that you now see is exclusively for mapping the columns in your CSV file with the fields available in Freshsales.

  • Only one email address can be mapped as the primary email

  • Upto 9 email addresses can be mapped under the Other emails field


In case the primary email field is not mapped, then the first email mapped to the other emails field is used as the primary email. 

Once the import is complete, you can view the email addresses of the lead or contact as shown below, with the primary address on the top

  1. Reasons for failure of data import

  2. Invalid email address - If the email addresses in your CSV file aren’t of the proper @xyz format (e.g: instead of jamesampleton@sales)

  3. Unique Fields - If there is a match between the value of a field that is being imported and an existing one in Freshsales, if the field is a unique field

  4. Unmapped Columns - Columns that aren’t mapped with any of the field in Freshsales.

  5. Improper Field Type - If the field type is different from the type of value in the column.

  6. Picklist Values - If you’re mapping a column with values for a picklist (such as Radio button/Checkbox/Drop down menu) with a field in Freshsales (also a picklist), you need to double check that the values in the column match with the choices of the field (picklist) in Freshsales.

  • For e.g : If you’ve got a column that has the values 1, 2, 3 for the Number of contacts attempted and want to map it to a radio button (field) in Freshsales, make sure that that radio button has 1, 2, 3 as the field’s choices.