If your email feature is disabled, you will come across this notification on your freshsales product. 

Why did this happen?

Whenever the bounce rate of your emails crosses 5%, Freshsales sends you warning message to draw your attention. This is an indication that your bounce rate is high and you need to pay attention to drop it. This notification will pop-up as long as your bounce rate is high.

When your bounce rate crosses 10%, your email feature will be suspended indefinitely. Clean up your junk leads and contact support@freshsales.io to request the feature again.

Why does Freshsales disable the email feature?
When the bounce rate is high, spam filters have a higher chance of blocking your emails. This affects the reputation of freshsales email functionality and, in turn, adversely impacts the  deliverability of your emails and that of other customers. Hence, Freshsales places a cap on the bounce rate of your emails at 5%.
For example, if you are running a sales campaign for a group of 500 leads/contacts, no more than 25 emails can be invalid or bounced. When the bounce rate crosses 5% you will start receiving a warning notification until the bounce rate reaches 10%, at which point your feature will be disabled.

So, what should I do to bring down the bounce rate?
The ideal way to bring down bounce rate is to filter out leads that have Bounced or Invalid email addresses and then follow it up by sending emails until your bounce rate drops. Here’s how you can do the same:
STEP 1: Clean up your mailing list

  1. On your leads page, head to the button and click the same. This opens a sidebar that allows you to filter leads based on various conditions.

  2. Click on the icon. This presents you with the various Filter conditions with which you can filter your leads. Filter out leads based on conditions bounced and invalid.

  3. Bulk select leads that have been segregated using the filter conditions. Click on the  button to remove the leads from your CRM.

  4. Contact Freshsales support to get email feature re-enabled.

    Note: The authority to re-enable your email feature lies only with the support team. To re-enable the feature, contact the support team and inform that your mailing list has been sanitized. Upon verification, the email feature will be re-enabled.

  1. Once your email functionality is live, get started by sending emails to those leads/ contacts with whom you are certain of getting a response or opens. This improves the open rate of your emails and reduces the bounce rates gradually.

    Note: You will still receive an error notification as your bounce rate while on the fall could still  be higher than 5%. Only when it drops below 5% will the notifications stop popping up.