So, you’ve connected your inbox to Freshsales and come to your inbox hoping to find all your synced emails. You observe that only a few, if not any, of your emails have been populated.

Q: Even after sync, some emails from gmail/outlook seem to be missing from Freshsales. Why is this happening?
Not likely. Your sync must have happened correctly. But only a select set of emails will be synced- the ones that are already on Freshsales as either Leads/Contacts.

In order to ensure that irrelevant non-sales emails don’t flood your Freshsales inbox upon sync, the platform has filters in place that bring onboard only the emails that belong to existing entities on Freshsales.

Q: So how can I bring all my important emails onto Freshsales? 

A: Simple. Create a lead/contact for all the email addresses whose conversations you wish to sync to Freshsales. Once you add these email addresses to the Freshsales ecosystem, the emails will automatically be synced to your Freshsales inbox where you can view them.
Q: I had synced my email and it seemed to be working fine initially, but, now it doesn’t work.
This could be attributed to the following reasons:

  • Disconnected mailbox: Your mailbox can be disconnected by gmail without a warning. This usually occurs due to password change or interruption in connectivity. Under such situations, reconnect your inbox and sync would work fine. Follow these instructions to reconnect your inbox.

  • Time lag: When an email is synced, there are usually no time lags. If there is a temporary failure it might be because the IMAP IDLE functionality in the email may have malfunctioned. In this case, the mailbox would start reading only after 30 minutes and the email would get reconnected once every 30 minutes. Until this time, the sync will not be reflected on Freshsales. Whenever you set up an email sync, check after 30 minutes to find out if your sync has been carried out successfully.

  • Exceeding IMAP limits: All your outgoing emails are sent from Freshsales through your connected gmail account. And your sent emails are synced to the account using an IMAP connection. However, using an IMAP connection can be tricky. Gmail allows only 15 IMAP connections at a time and when the limit exceeds, you email may not work correctly. If you have connected your gmail account to multiple devices and tools, you are likely to exceed your connection limits. This could lead to your outgoing/incoming emails malfunctioning. Try to evaluate the number of tools your email is connected to and reconfigure the same to get your email to work effectively.