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Once you have decided to leave Freshsales, delete your account totally.

Before cancelling an account, note the following:

  • Only if you are an Account Admin, you can cancel an account.
  • Export all required data from Freshsales related to your account before deletion.

1.Go to Admin settings > Account settings > Account.

2.If you want to export data click the Export Data button and then click Cancel my account.

3.Else directly click Cancel my account.

4.Click the ‘I confirm that i want to cancel my account and delete all my data’ checkbox to confirm your cancellation.

5.Finally click the Cancel Account button.


What happens when you cancel your account from Freshsales?

Deletion of your account will result in the following:

1.Every user in your account will be removed from Freshsales. They will not have any access to the product.
2.Integrations: All types of integrations including Freshdesk, Google calendar and Segment will be deactivated.
3.Notifications: Notifications on email activities, tasks and appointments,  will be removed. You cannot access the notification settings as a whole.
4.Mails: All your synced up mailboxes will be disconnected. Freshsales cannot access (read or receive) any of your mails.

5.Phone numbers: All phone numbers purchased under your account is accessible by everyone, a month after your account is deleted. 

6.If you want to re-activate your account you can get back within 15 days from cancellation, after which your domain is available for everyone to use.