When  a sales rep in your team transitions into a different department or a different organization, there is obviously a need for you to remove him out of your system. In this case, we would recommend you to deactivate your user. But if there is a requirement to remove a user from Freshsales owing to GDPR compliance or other requirements, you can always opt to delete the user from Freshsales.

Note: Only inactive users can be deleted. Hence, the recommended process is to first deactivate a user, before proceeding to delete him from Freshsales. It is recommended that admins transfer the records using bulk reassign if they are deleting a user.

So, how can a user be deleted?


QUICK STEPS: Admin Settings > General Settings > Users > Ellipsis Icon  > Delete user


If you wish to delete an already Inactive user, please head to Admin Settings > Users > Inactive Users.


  1. On your Freshsales application, find the Admin Settings icon   and click the same. This opens the Admin Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to the GENERAL SETTINGS row and click on the Users icon. You will be presented with a page that comprises of all the Users associated with the account.

  3. Choose the User you wish to remove from the account and click on the button.

    Click the button to remove the user from Freshsales.
  4. Type the word DELETE to confirm removal of the user from Freshsales.

    Clicking the Delete button removes the user from Freshsales. This action is irreversible.