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The ability to schedule and send bulk emails is one of the cornerstones of success for Freshsales. However, without the insights that help users determine the performance of their emails, optimising their activity can be quite a challenge. 

With bulk email metrics, this dearth in analytics is addressed. Users can learn in detail, the performance of their outgoing mails and make better decisions.
Learn how to access bulk email metrics here:

  1. On your Freshsales platform, head to the icon and hover on the same. Hovering on the icon opens three options- Conversations, Sales Campaign, and Email Templates.

  2. Click on the Conversations option. This opens up a page dedicated to all conversations. Scroll down to the Bulk emails section.

  3. Under the Bulk emails section, you will find a new tab titled Metrics. Click on it.

  4. Click on Metrics to open all metrics related to your Bulk mails.

  5. Each row comprises of the following:

  • Subject: Email Subject along with the sent date

  • Sent: No. of emails sent

  • Opened: Percentage of recipients who opened the email

  • Clicked: Percentage of recipients who clicked on the links in the email

  • Replied: Percentage of recipients that responded to the email

  • Bounced: Percentage of emails that were not delivered

  • Unsubscribed: Percentage of recipients that opted to unsubscribe your emails (learn how to add an unsubscribe button)

Hover on the subject to get quick details on the number of recipients and other options such as track opened emails, link conversation to lead, add unsubscribe link .

For example, if you sent a bulk email to a 1000 leads, you can learn how your email fared by analyzing the metrics.

  1. To know the actual number for any of the metrics, hover on the displayed values. It opens a tool tip that displays the number pertaining to that metric.

  2. To further drill down into the specific leads or contacts who have opened or replied to any of your emails, click on the View details button to see the full list.