Why is this important?

Generally, a support agent contacts a sales rep via emails and calls to get to know the customer whose ticket they are handling. To help make this internal communication get smarter, the support agents can now see all information related to a contact from Freshsales inside Freshdesk.

Whenever any information of a Contact is updated in Freshsales, it gets reflected in Freshdesk too. 

For ex,

When a Freshsales Contact upgrades to a paid plan, the support agent gets this information by just looking at the Plan field under Contact details in the Ticket page. This gives him instant context with just a click. 

How to get this done?

Once you successfully integrate your Freshsales & Freshdesk account, you can login to your Freshdesk account to find the list of Freshsales Leads & Contacts.

Say the list of Contacts in Freshsales are:

After the sync, they are added as Contacts to Freshdesk.

Just like in Freshsales, click the specific Contact whose details you want to see.

Any ticket raised by the specific requester(contact) has the requester’s details listed next to the ticket. 

This information helps the support agent get more context on the contact and prioritize the tickets well. 


By default a selected few fields get displayed on the Contact Details card. 

Deneise Whitman’s details in Deneise’s ticket details page:

Nevertheless, additional custom fields of the Contact can also be listed under the Contact detail section.

You might’ve mapped Freshsales Contact custom fields with those of Freshdesk during the integration. But to have it displayed in the Contact Details view, follow these steps: 

  1. You need to be an Admin in Freshdesk. Login to your Freshdesk account.

  2. Click the Admin icon > General Settings > Customer fields.

  1. A tab with a list of customer fields comes up.

  1. Add any additional fields you need from here.(Learn more)

  2. Once you have all the fields that you need added, click the Customize Requester widget.

  1. A window with the list of fields that are currently displayed in the details page comes up.

  1. At the end of the list, you can click the (+) button to add other fields that you want to display.

  1. Save these changes. Go to one of your Contact’s(Deneise Whitman) ticket detail page.

  2. If the added fields have values(are non-empty), the fields are displayed under the Contacts details section.

  1. Else, click edit. Fill in the required info and Save the changes.

  2. Once the contact is successfully updated, the fields get listed under the Contact Details section in the ticket widget. 

This way you can keep your sales and support database in sync. All details of the contact synced from Freshsales can be referred to from inside Freshdesk too.