Applicable plans
Sprout Blossom Garden EstateForest

Once you delete your pipeline, deals of the deleted pipeline are moved to the first stage of the admin default pipeline.

If you want only specific deals to be moved to another pipeline, bulk update the deals with a different pipeline and deal stage.

You can now delete the unwanted pipeline without any loss of important deals

Only an Admin can delete pipelines.

To delete one,

  1. Log in as an Admin.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Pipelines.

  3. Delete the pipeline.

  4. On hitting delete, a pop-up warning asking you to confirm comes up.

  5. Your pipeline is deleted on confirmation.

What happens to the deals on a downgrade to Sprout, Blossom or Garden?

Multiple deal pipeline is available from Garden plan onwards.

Once you downgrade to Blossom or Sprout, your multiple pipelines cease to exist as separate pipelines.

  1. Only the pipeline that was marked as the admin default pipeline is retained.

  2. All other pipelines are dissolved and the deals are moved to the 1st stage of the default pipeline.