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What is an user-preferred pipeline?

As a sales rep, each time you go to the Deals tab, you’d want to see the pipeline that’s most relevant and commonly used by you. 

How to set it up?

  1. Log in to Freshsales.

  2. Click your profile picture > Settings

  1. Go to Other Settings tab on personal settings page.

  1. From the Pipeline drop down, choose your preferred pipeline.

  1. Hit Save.

You’ll see the pipeline selected by you show up as the default view in the deals tab.

Alternatively, this can be done while the admin adds users too.

  1. Log in as an Admin. 

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Users.

  3. Choose the preferred pipeline of that specific user from the My pipeline dropdown.

  4. Save the settings.

A user can change this setting later though.

Where can I access this pipeline?

Once you log in and go to the deals tab, by default you’ll see this pipeline in the deals funnel view page.

To view a different pipeline in,

List view: Filter by the deal pipeline field that you want to view.

Funnel view: Directly choose from the pipelines dropdown.

What are the different segments that get affected? - Impact 

  1. Creating deals:

          The new deals created gets added to the user preferred pipeline.

          You can change the pipeline from the Deal Pipeline drop down if needed.


      2. Deal funnel view

          This view by default shows the user preferred pipeline. You can view other 

          pipelines from the pipeline drop-down if need be.

      3. Lead conversion:

          The new deal created for the lead will be added to the pipeline preferred by 

          the user.

      4. Filters:

          By default, the deal pipeline field under filters is pre-filled with the 

          user-preferred pipeline.


      5. Default views: 

          All default views are based on the user-preferred pipeline.  


Can I view more than one pipeline at once?

No! Not in the deals tab. 

You can choose to juggle between multiple pipelines, but can’t view more than one at a given instance.

Ex: If you’ve to work with pipelines A & B. First choose one of them, say A. To see the pipeline B, choose from the drop down again. 

You can view information about multiple pipelines and compare their progress, revenue and such metrics on a single report though. So, you can get insights about more than one pipeline at once using reports!