All entities in Freshsales has a set of default fields to it. Some of these fields are mandatory fields.

A. For all users who’ve signed up on or before 28th June 2017, the following fields are mandatory.

Lead: Last name and Company name

Contact: Last name

Account: Name

Deal: Name, Account name

B. For all account signups after 28th June, 2017- Company name is optional across all plans.

So, the updated list of mandatory fields are,

Lead: Last name 

Contact: Last name

Account: Name

Deal: Name

Why is Company name made optional?

Not all types of businesses have a specific company that they work from. For ex, a real estate mediator might work independently. That’s why, moving forward we’ve given the choice of making the company name optional for a lead and a deal.

All Garden & Estate users can change the Company name field to be optional from now on.

To know more on how to make a field optional, refer this article. All you need to do is disable the Make this field required checkbox.

Also, if you are a Sprout or Blossom user, and you want to make Company name optional, raise a support ticket for the same.

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