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On the sales job, it’s quite important to gather as much information as possible about your prospect. Agreed. But, a mere string of unorganised information listed at a stretch is not of much use. You, as a sales rep would be lost in this pile of data.
Before you go on a call with your lead-to-be, it’s crucial that you go through the specifics about him like his designation, no. of employees, social profiles and much more.

To make this experience of your’s better and help you land on the required information as quickly as possible, use groups and bucket all relevant fields together.

For ex: Say you a list of fields namely No. of agents, Current vendor, Demo completed, Pre-sales contact and Onboarding date. You have a call in the next 10 mins and you want to know about the prospect’s presales information. Instead of browsing through the entire list of fields and then spotting presales related info, you can  organise these fields under a Group named ‘Deal Information’. Now you can spot this information in a jiffy.

Create a group(Add group).png

Now let’s see how to add a group,

1. Go to Admin Settings > Lead fields 

3. Click the ‘Add group’ button present on the left panel.

4. An add group overlay appears asking you for a couple or so of group details

5. Fill in your Group name and then choose the Nested under dropdown

- Main group: To create a main group(similar to Basic or Additional information), don’t choose a value for this dropdown
- Sub-group: To create it as a sub-group, choose the group under which it needs to be nested.

6. Click Save.

- A maximum of 5 main groups can be created. This applies for both Estate and the Forest plans
- If you create a main group, the new group appears below the 'Basic information' group.
- If it’s a sub-group, it gets listed inside the corresponding main group under which it's nested.

Quick tips:
You can now,
Reorder the groups to suit your convenience
Rename (even the default groups) according to your choice.