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As a CRM for high velocity sales, making sure that Freshsales caters to the needs of all sales reps was our primary focus. That is why we've introduced column customization, allowing each sales rep to choose which information he'd like to see in the Contacts' list view page. 

Note: Your sales reps can pick a max of 20 account fields(inclusive of Name) of their choice and have the account data for those fields displayed. This includes both default and custom fields. 

Here's how you do it,

  1. Login to Freshsales.
  2. Click Accounts
  3. The column Name is fixed and cannot be replaced or shuffled. The other 19, however, can be replaced with account fields of your choice. To do so, click the Edit columns button.

  4. Choose your columns overlay comes up.
  5. The overlay gives you the following information,
    1. The number of columns that's currently displayed in the list view. (For ex, 7/20).             
    2. Visible columns: Lists all account fields that's currently selected by you.
    3. Basic Information: All unselected(default+custom) account fields that can be made made visible on the lead list view page on selection. 
  6. You can reset the selection to default, where the following account fields are displayed in the list view—Name, Open deals amount, Last contacted time, related contacts, owner, website, phone.
  7. Fields, once selected, will move under the Visible columns section.  
  8. You can reorder the fields right from this overlay. Choose to place your most used ones on the top of the Visible column list for at a glance access.

  9. Click Save to apply the changes made.
  1. The changes made to the columns are not permanent and can be revised as and when you please.
  2. The changes aren't reflected throughout the account and are only visible to the respective users. 
  3. By default, 7 columns are visible in the list view.
  4. To access all the columns in the list view, use the horizontal scroll functionality.
  5. Say you want to add more fields, but you've already exhausted the limit of 20 fields. You can deselect any of the fields from the visible columns section and then add the additional fields.
  6. The selected columns are reflected for all saved views(default as well as custom).